Know how to get back lost emails from Outlook Express

Outlook Express 6 is an email client that works with Windows operating system. It is compatible to POP3 and IMAP and it stores email data items in the form of .mbx or .dbx in the hard disk. All the Outlook Express file and folder have own separate DBX file name such as Inbox.dbx, Sent Items .dbx, Drafts .dbx etc. When .mbx or .dbx file gets corrupt, you need to recover file and folder like inbox, send items, draft and new created folders. Regular backup of these DBX files is necessary as you may require to restore them during any email data disaster condition. Read more

Pick out an advance way to automatically handle incoming Outlook Express emails

MS Outlook Express is an email client like MS Outlook but it use .DBX file format to store its email items such as mailbox, journals, folders, inbox, calendars, etc. The stored .DBX file size has a limitation of expansion and beyond certain limit they start behaving in an unexpected manner. As you know, large size of Outlook PST files result sluggish performance of MS Outlook, in the same way large size of Outlook Express DBX files also degrade Outlook Express performance. When any user send/receive emails having attachments then gradually the size of .DBX files get expand to an alarming level. While working with a large database of Outlook Express (.DBX files) users come across different error messages and performance issues. Sometimes, DBX database files get broken down and thus vital email data become out of order. Read more

Repair Outlook Express emails when you find yourself unable to access emails

Like MS Outlook, Outlook Express is also used as an email client that stores emails, newsletters, contact information, sent items, drafts etc of users within a single folder. The database files used in the Outlook Express are stored with the extension .dbx. Outlook Express holds individual DBX database files for every folder present in Outlook Express, such as Inbox.dbx, Contacts.dbx, Outbox.dbx, etc. So, the DBX files are the most significant components in Outlook Express for securing all the Outlook information of the user. Read more

Why get stuck when you have Outlook Express repairing software with you

Outlook Express is one of the most popular email clients in use in world today. The easy-way-of-doing-things is probably what draws Users to opt for this email client. All the mails in the Outlook Express are stored in a file called .DBX file. Due to various software and hardware malfunction reasons this file may go corrupt resulting in the inaccessibility Read more