Know how to get back lost emails from Outlook Express

Outlook Express 6 is an email client that works with Windows operating system. It is compatible to POP3 and IMAP and it stores email data items in the form of .mbx or .dbx in the hard disk. All the Outlook Express file and folder have own separate DBX file name such as Inbox.dbx, Sent Items .dbx, Drafts .dbx etc. When .mbx or .dbx file gets corrupt, you need to recover file and folder like inbox, send items, draft and new created folders. Regular backup of these DBX files is necessary as you may require to restore them during any email data disaster condition.

If DBX file backup process is interrupted due to any reason, then dbx file may get corrupt. DBX files backed up on any storage media or local folders may not be synchronized by Outlook Express after the process gets interrupted. In addition, DBX files may also get corrupt due to backup media errors and file system issues. In such cases, Outlook Express may fail to recognize these files with an error message as: “Folder could not be displayed”.

The correct procedure of backing up mail messages and restoring them back is as follows:

  1. Locate Store Folder first as Tools > Options > Maintenance > Store Folder.
  2. After this, access the folder through Run prompt (Start > Run).
  3. All the files of Store Folder can then be copied and pasted in a backup folder
  4. To import email messages from backup folder, finally you need to use Import option of File menu

There are many cases, when even backup files of Outlook Express also get corrupt. This is really a very worse situation for you. Let’s consider a real life practical scenario when you try to open the Outlook Express application, you fail to do it, and rather you get to face the following error message:

“Outlook Express Folder Sync Window Class: msimn.exe – Application will not start.”

Once such error messages appear, the data saved in the Outlook Express email client becomes inaccessible. Further, you cannot access anything until the above mentioned error message is resolved. The primary cause behind the occurrence of the above mentioned error message is the corruption of Outlook Express DBX files.

In order to resolve all the minor and major Outlook Express corruption issues, you are recommended to look for repair Outlook 6 tool. It is powerful third party tool that comes with advanced features and extract all inaccessible .DBX files just within a few minutes. It supports all the versions of Outlook Express and Windows operating system.

Blog Summary:

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